Office2019 VS Office365,Which one would you pick?

Microsoft Office series has always been the king of the Office field,for the new version of 2019,do we need to upgrade? Now Microsoft release Office 2019 with many new update feature. It’s realy easy to use but at fast you need to learn on this office



Office 2019 is a standalone,permanent version of the Office family.

Unlike Office 365,which is available for annual renewals,you only need to buy Office 2019 once for permanent use on either Microsoft’s or apple’s operating systems.


Once bought,enjoy for life is very attractive,choose Office 2019?Or Office 365 for regular renewal?


One-time purchase,permanent use,but in terms of function,there will not be much change.

In addition,it should be noted that Office 2019 can only be used on win10 or the latest three versions of apple MAC.

Office 365:

Use limited time for renewal,is up to date in terms of security and functionality.

In the computer system,can be installed in win7,win8 and win10.For apple,it is still only available on the latest three versions.

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